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Leave Management

With raiseR’s comprehensive and flexible leave management feature, say goodbye to manual paperwork and hello to an efficient, user-friendly solution that streamlines leave requests and approvals.

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Simplifying leave requests and approvals for employees and HRs

Time Off Requests

Discover the ease of managing time offs where speed, automation, and productivity meet. Employees smoothly request time offs, and managers promptly approve with a single click. The system automatically informs employees of approvals and updates their time off balance.


Time Off Types & Policies

Define your leave types and set them up in raiseR where each type can have distinct rules for accrual, usage, documentation, and approval processes to ensure compliance with country regulations and internal company policies. This customization ensures that employees have access to the appropriate types of leaves for various life events like sick leaves, maternity and paternity leaves, bereavement leave, etc.


Vacation Calculation & Tracking

Simplify employee vacation management with raiseR's automatic PTO accrual system. No more errors or wasted time calculating vacation balances. Empower your employees with easy access to their PTO balances and upcoming time off, right from their phones.

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Alerts on Teammates Absences

Who is off today? Who is going on vacation? Employees can easily see the absences of their teammates making it easier to plan tasks around each other’s absences. Having access to this information promotes a culture of transparency and accountability.

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Accurate Leave Reports

raiseR provides accurate and dependable leave reports, ensuring top-down visibility of employees on all types of leaves and balances. HRs can get custom and dynamic reports by filtering with a specific time off policy and time off request status.

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Custom Time Off Approvals

Our system offers custom time off approvals that are tailored to specific branches. This feature becomes particularly useful when approvals are required from different HR personnel, ensuring a streamlined and flexible leave management process.

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Time Off Calendar

This feature provides an at-a-glance view of approved leaves and absences for HRs, facilitating efficient resource management and ensuring smooth workforce coordination.

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Mobile Quick Requests & Approvals

Employees can request time offs and receive approvals instantly from managers or HRs, enjoying a smooth and hassle-free experience using mobile. This process ensures convenience and efficiency for all parties involved.

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We’ve been using raiseR in Armenia since 2021.The product is user-friendly and we find raiseR very reliable. The team is very responsive and one of my favorite aspects of raiseR is the super supportive team.

Ani Amaryan

HR Manager at

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