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Transform into an HR Superpower

Your path to building winning teams with an HR platform that automates HR processes and adapts to your working environment

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Talent Acquisition

Core HR

Leave Management
Projects & Teams
Time and Attendance
Organization Setup
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granting you advantages

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Data Privacy
an Security


Ease of Use


Cloud Hosting

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Rapid Implementation

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Start your HR digital transformation journey

Core HR

Streamline HR processes and centralize all employee data in one place with raiseR’s Core HR suite. 

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Document Management

Employee Directory

Employee Profiles

Employee Groups

Leave Management

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and hello to an efficient, user-friendly solution that streamlines leave requests and approvals. 

Time Off Requests

Alerts on
Teammates Absences

Time Off Types & Policies

Vacation Calculation & Tracking 

Accurate Leave Reports 

Custom Time Off Approvals

Time Off Calendar

Mobile Quick Requests & Approvals

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Say goodbye to manual paperwork and hello to an efficient, user-friendly solution that streamlines leave requests and approvals. 

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Custom On/Offboarding Templates

Automated Documents Submission

Task Assignment

On/Offboarding Dashboard

Activities Tracking

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Time & Attendance

Track your time logs, overtime, and breaks on the go with raiseR’s Time and Attendance feature. 

Attendance Overview

Time Tracking Approvals

Time Logging by Web & Mobile

Timesheet Adjustments

Overtime Tracking

Bulk Approvals

Custom Pay Period

Integration with Punching Systems

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Employee Self-Service 

Increase autonomy for employees and allow them to adapt to new workplace dynamics with ease. 

Personalized Dashboards

Time Logging

Personal Profile Management

Notifications & Reminders

Time Off Requests

Full Mobile ESS

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Talent Acquistion

Stay ahead of the hiring curve, using our holistic recruitment ATS. Begin the main hiring process confidently. 

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Applicant Tracking

Application Form

Customizable Scorecards

Job Offer Templates

Customizable Pipelines

Interview Scheduling

Candidate Messaging


Project and Teams

Plan, distribute and master like a pro. Designed to help companies manage their people and projects better. 

Projects & Teams

Flexible Permissions

Resource Management 


Timesheet Approval

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Organization Setup

Customize raiseR to align with your company's specific workflows, hierarchies, and processes. 

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Company Structure

Company Calendar

Dynamic Custom Fields and Localization

Templates and Forms​

Working Weeks

Workflows and Approvals

Roles and Permissions


Gain better visibility in different metrics, make data-driven decisions and enhance overall organizational effectiveness.

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Core HR Metrics

Custom Reports

Power BI Reports

Integration with top tools



Elevate your recruitment emails by integrating raiseR with Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 for enhanced communication efficiency.


Google Calendar

Sync Google Calendar with your company calendar and schedule meetings with candidates directly from raiseR.

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Outlook Calendar

Consolidate your calendar and interview schedule with raiseR's integration with Microsoft Office 365 Calendar.



Create specific teams and channels in Microsoft Teams based on the relevant information from raiseR.



Integrate raiseR seamlessly with Gmail, connecting directly to your company email account for efficient communication with candidates.

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Azure OpenAI

Generate real-time customized templates with AI Assistant and personalized messages and do much more.

Unlock the Power of raiseR with a Free Trial!

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