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raiseR AI Assistant for Microsoft Outlook

Experience the power of AI in applicant mapping, drafting spot-on email replies, and summarizing lengthy emails. 

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AI-Generated Applicant Mapping

Easily map applicants directly from your email into the raiseR talent pool. This process automatically captures applicant details – first name, last name, email, country, source, and CV directly from incoming emails. No need for time-consuming copying and pasting. 

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AI-Generated Email Replies

Generate AI-crafted email replies for faster communication. Whether it's messages from colleagues or clients needing quick and structured replies, this functionality has got you covered. Choose the tone, word count, and more to ensure effective communication every time.

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AI-Generated Email Sum-Ups 

Receive instant email sum-ups to grasp the gist in seconds. Simplify your email experience with a single click by summing up lengthy messages in your inbox, allowing you to extract the complete meaning of each email without the need to read through the entire content. 

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Outlook Calendar With raiseR 

While the calendar option is available to all raiseR users, it primarily benefits those who do not use Microsoft accounts. This enhancement ensures that the syncing process for meetings in Outlook, which was previously inaccessible, is now open to a wider range of users.

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Request A Feature

Your insights play a pivotal role in our ongoing commitment to excellence. We encourage you to freely share new features, requests or offer feedback to empower us in delivering an even better experience tailored to your needs. 

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