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Talent Acquisition

Harness our Talent Acquisition suite for better hiring decisions. Stay ahead of the hiring curve, using our holistic recruitment ATS. Begin the main hiring process confidently.

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Experience a smoother hiring process by using our requisitions model to easily request a new team member. Just provide the position details and requisition specifics and send it for approval.

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Job Postings

Associate job postings with requisitions or post them publicly on your website and social media channels making it effortless for candidates to find and apply for your vacant positions.


Application Form

Customize your application form style, incorporate your logo, and match it to your brand's colors. Manage applicants with an organized list and tracking system.

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Custom Pipelines

Hiring simplified. Create your unique recruitment stages and multiple pipelines for various recruitment scenarios.

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Custom Scorecards

Create your custom scorecards and all mandatory criteria be evaluated during the recruitment. Apply ratings, assess language proficiency, and much more.

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Applicant Tracking

From applicants to candidates, our applicant tracking system simplifies recruitment providing a comprehensive list of applications including details, recruitment records, evaluations, timelines, notes, messages, rating information, etc.

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Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews with candidates directly from Raiser. Easily set up meetings, select participants and integrate with your email provider to keep everyone in the loop.

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Directly message candidates from your Raiser profile, integrated with your email provider. You can use email templates to schedule or send bulk responses, rejecetion emails, task assignments, etc. Plus, create multiple signatures, access messaging history and much more.

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We Empower Advanced Businesses

Araks Ghahramanyan

With Raiser, now we save time on paperwork, vacations tracking and management, hiring processes, team and project management. 

Araks Ghahramanyan

People & Culture Specialist at

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