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The HR Platform to 
empower teams and engage employees
in digital transformation journey 

Adapting seamlessly, going paperless,
and maximizing HR effectiveness. 

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Trusted by 60+ Companies

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What We Offer

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Building the backbone of HR success

Streamline HR processes and centralize all employee data in one place with raiseR’s Core HR suite. Our software enables you to customize workflows, optimize document management and reduce manual data entry while ensuring accuracy and compliance.

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ESS at Your Pocket


Stay connected to your team with raiseR on the go

Unleash ESS features for employees and enhance your company culture with a user-friendly mobile.

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Start your HR digital transformation journey! 

Our Integrations 

Integrate our HR software with your existing tools



Elevate your recruitment emails by integrating raiseR with Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 for enhanced communication efficiency.


Google Calendar

Sync Google Calendar with your company calendar and schedule meetings with candidates directly from raiseR.

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Outlook Calendar

Consolidate your calendar and interview schedule with raiseR's integration with Microsoft Office 365 Calendar.



Create specific teams and channels in Microsoft Teams based on the relevant information from raiseR.



Integrate raiseR seamlessly with Gmail, connecting directly to your company email account for efficient communication with candidates.

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Azure OpenAI

Generate real-time customized templates with AI Assistant and personalized messages and do much more.

Tailored to Your Needs 

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Professional Services


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We’ve been using raiseR in Armenia since 2021.The product is user-friendly and we find raiseR very reliable. The team is very responsive and one of my favorite aspects of raiseR is the super supportive team.

Ani Amaryan

HR Manager at

  • What plan should I choose?
    raiseR offers a very flexible pricing structure. Your plan depends on various factors such as: Which features you are going to use Number of employees that will be added and use the raiseR system Requested Integrations Additional features implementation In case you find something familiar to your company's needs, let us know and we will provide the needed assistance. Just contact us and an appropriate specialist will get in touch with you.
  • Can raiseR be integrated with other systems used by our company/organization?
    Certainly, raiseR can be integrated with Google and Microsoft services. For additional integration feel free to apply to raiseR’s Customer Service representatives.
  • What features does raiseR offer?
    With raiseR you have a bunch of features and possibilities which will ease and improve your daily tasks and show upgraded outcomes. Those are:People Management, Teams and Projects Management, Time and Attendance, Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development and Reports.
  • How to get started with raiseR?
    If you are reading this then most probably you haven’t signed up with raiseR yet nor tried the trial version. That’s why let’s check out the following options: Activate 14-day trial and have access to the entire platform and try out all the features and tools (no credit card required). Click here to activate your one-time trial; Feel free to lick request a demo. Our experienced specialists will do their best to identify your needs and suggest the very best solution.
  • How secure is raiseR?
    raiseR ensures 100% security due to its private database. As you know most of the service providers host their database on shared cloud storage, meanwhile, raiseR ensures private and unique cloud storage for each tenant/company. Click here to receive access to our Security White Papers.


Unlock the Power of raiseR with a Free Trial

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