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Digitize the entire on/offboarding experience to create a simple, secure, and automated process for your employees. Important information is always at hand

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Making employee on/offboarding workflows smooth and automated

Custom On/Offboarding

Organize the entire on/offboarding processes to create tasks and use templates that support multiple phases for new hires, relocating employees, or those transitioning to new projects all while tailoring them to various branches, projects, and more. 

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Task Assignments Workflows

On/Offboarding managers can assign tasks to employees, who can choose to accept, reject, or reassign them, and managers will be notified of their decisions. 

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Activities Tracking

Managers can easily monitor on/offboarding actions, tracking task acceptance, reassignments, skips, and completions, saving valuable time on manual work.

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Automated Documents Submission

Simplify the onboarding experience by automating document uploads, allowing both parties to submit and access essential documents such as company policies, legal forms or personal files for a more efficient onboarding process.

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On/Offboarding Dashboard

View on/offboarding progress at a glance and keep the process running smoothly. Access all employee data in one centralized dashboard for comprehensive oversight.


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We’ve been using raiseR in Armenia since 2021.The product is user-friendly and we find raiseR very reliable. The team is very responsive and one of my favorite aspects of raiseR is the super supportive team.

Ani Amaryan

HR Manager at

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