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What Sets Us Apart

By working towards enabling Agile HR, we partner with businesses that want to start their digital transformation journey

Cloud Hosting

A true cloud, multi-tenant service that delivers innovation in a highly secure and cost-effective manner

Data Privacy & Security

We are committed to safeguarding your data with rigorous data protection measures to deliver the highest level of privacy and security


Built to seamlessly connect and scale with your enterprise ecosystem to maximize value and grow intelligence

Mobile Experience

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of managing your workforce anytime and anywhere with our mobile app

Rapid Implementation

We put the power in your hands to instantly set up and utilize the platform, providing top-notch coaching every step of the way


Highly adoptable, extensible, and customizable, without any need for coding

Ease of Use

We are proud to receive regular feedback from our valued customers about the ease of use and the intuitive design of our platform. With this solid foundation built on client satisfaction, we are committed to grow and continually improve raiseR, ensuring that we provide the best service possible.

Many reasons to start your journey with raiseR and more to come!

Unique Features

raiseR helps to plan and execute the work across projects and teams with smooth workforce planning tools.


Start your HR digital transformation journey! 

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