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Create ultimate synergy between employees, business, market and clients with powerful features

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Core HR

A robust foundation for your HR to ride the waves of change

Core HR is the backbone of Raiser with comprehensive inbuilt features and integrated capabilities to streamline HR processes and centralize all employee data in one place. It goes beyond the basics, allowing you to customize workflows, optimize document management and automate processes to reduce manual data entry while ensuring accuracy and compliance.

The embedded reports visualize company-wide data to track, analyze and prepare for what comes next.

Employee Profiles

Employee Groups

Employee Directory

Document Management


Leave Management

Say goodbye to calls or emails for time off requests. Make it simple for everyone!

Managing time off requests for distributed, remote teams can be daunting in today's ever-changing work landscape.

With Raiser's holistic Leave Management suite managing time off requests for your employees is super easy. All the requests are processed quickly, without any extra effort on any side, through mobile and the web. Automated calculation of accruals, used and remaining time off days, including carryover and encashment, provides employees an accurate overview of their balances.

Custom time off types and policies can be easily set up in Raiser, allowing you to tailor your company time off entitlements for each employee, department, team, or location per local policies and compliance requirements.

Time Off Request

Alerts on Teammates Absences

Time Off Types & Policies

Time Off Reports

Accrual Settings

Custom Time Off Approvals

Time Off Calendar

Mobile Quick Requests & Approvals


Time and Attendance

Bring visibility to the time spent on impactful work

The Raiser Time and Attendance tracking feature allows you to track your time logs, overtime and breaks regardless of location. You can log worked time, clock in and out, submit timesheets, and get approved in seconds.

Managers can easily monitor attendance and view detailed reports whenever needed. Raiser allows to set custom pay periods and approvals to ensure compliance with labor laws and company policies.

Attendance Overview

Time Tracking Approvals

Time Logging by Web & Mobile

Timesheet Adjustments

Overtime Tracking

Bulk Approvals

Multiple Time Tracking Periodicity

Integration with Punching Systems


Employee Self-Service

Unleash Raiser for your employees

Deliver an exceptional employee experience to your company people by increasing their autonomy and allowing them to adapt to new workplace dynamics with ease.


With Employee Self-Service (ESS) features, you can empower your employees with social-style interfaces and toolsets to take control over their own tasks, manage their personal information, request time offs, participate in approvals and much more.

Your people have full visibility into key company information, birthdays, work anniversaries and more with Raiser’s personalized dashboards.

Personalized Dashboards

Time Logging

Personal Profile Management

Notifications & Reminders

Time Off Requests

Full Mobile ESS


Integrations with your favorite tools


Talent Acquisition

Stay ahead of the hiring curve, no matter what the future holds

A holistic and powerful Talent Acquisition suite helps you quickly adapt to changing market demands, pivot your hiring strategy and attract the best talent. Crafted with the latest technology and cutting-edge features, Raiser helps manage candidates from initial application to final onboarding, ensuring a seamless hiring process from start to finish.

Dynamic recruitment pipelines are embedded to create a tailored hiring flow for each job opening.

Multiple scorecards allow you to evaluate candidates objectively and consistently, and with no extra fuss.

Applicant Tracking

Customizable Pipelines

Application Form

Interview Scheduling

Customizable Scorecards

Candidate Messaging

Job Offer Templates



Projects & Teams

Create powerful synergy, maximize alignment and visibility

Create teams and projects inside Raiser to efficiently distribute your workforce and have complete visibility into what is happening in the company across the projects. Easily plan your team's load and streamline capacity management.

Workforce planning enables a top-down holistic view of people allocation across different projects and brings insightful information to business leaders to get the insights they need for better, faster decision-making.

Projects & Teams

Projects Worklog​

People Planning

Timesheet Approval Flows

Project Timesheet

Timesheet Exports



Configure Raiser as much as you need to make it tailor-made for all your company needs.

Reflect your company’s unique workflows, hierarchies and processes in Raiser. Set up your global company with its branch offices, complex positions, departmental structures and hierarchies, and more.

HRs can create fields to track essential data, automate routine tasks with custom approvals, generate dynamic email templates for daily correspondence, and more.

Dynamic Custom Fields

Working Weeks

Company Structure Setup

Custom Workflows

Org Structure Setup

Templates and Forms​

Company Calendar

User Roles and Permissions


People Analytics & Reports

Leverage data-driven decisions, gain impactful insights

A powerful Reporting and Analytics side of Raiser is designed to transform your data into actionable insights. With just a few clicks, you can generate detailed reports on your organization's key metrics, from employee engagement to productivity, and make informed decisions based on real data.

The powerful visualization helps identify trends, pinpoint problem areas, and make informed decisions to improve the overall performance of your organization.

Custom Reports

Access-based Dashboards

Core HR Metrics


Ready to transform your HR workflows?

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