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raiseR LinkedIn
Chrome Extension 

Candidate sourcing is made easy and effective with the
raiseR LinkedIn Chrome Extension! 

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Discover Applicants
from LinkedIn 

Automatically scan LinkedIn opened active profile and extract information such as experience, education, contact details and skills. 

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Store Candidate Information 

With a single “Save” click, bring the candidate information to raiseR and, from there, initiate the hiring journey with candidates by utilizing dedicated pipelines and predefined stages. 

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Bring Applicants to Job Openings 

Assign applicants to job openings, while extracting information and execute the recruitment process smoothly.

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Request A Feature

Your insights play a pivotal role in our ongoing commitment to excellence. We encourage you to freely share new features, requests or offer feedback to empower us in delivering an even better experience tailored to your needs. 

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raiseR extension is an independent product and is not affiliated with or endorsed by LinkedIn.
You will need to have a raiseR account to use the raiseR LinkedIn Extension.

Get the raiseR LinkedIn Chrome Extension today and change the way how you find and engage with talents on LinkedIn!

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